Hello all .

Some big changes have happened over the past two months.  The Northside studio is packed up, cleaned, and is currently rented out to a new painter.  I headed west on July 30th, to spend some time in Salida, Colorado.

Being that a friend and I packed all of our stuff into a VW Passat, and drove over 1,000 miles, it is needless to say that the larger works I have been painting over the past couple years didn’t make the trip.  I am taking the time I have out here, to explore, and use the natural world as the main subject for a new body of work.  

I will be sharing all of the new paintings on: my main website www.reedgovert.com, on Facebook - Reed : Govert : Paint, and on Instagram @reedgov.  If any of you have an interest in purchasing a piece, let me know!  I’ll be putting them up on etsy, and hopefully into some Colorado galleries by the end of September.

Check back within the next couple of days for some updates.  I’ll also be doing some tiny ‘daily paintings,’ which will be sold directly through this blog.  I’ll be sure to let everyone know when those start; they are going to be sold by a bidding process - so things could get a lil’ cray.

Have a great one!

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