back to technology - whoops, there goes gravity .

Hello everybody !

Things are FINALLY in full swing out here in Salida ; painting is happening all day every day, and my brushes are begrudgingly starting to do the things that I want them to !  Amidst : satellite internet, beautifully cool { streams, rivers, and lakes } which hold many fishes waiting to be caught, thirty percent lower oxygen, and too many glorious mountain vistas to take a boys breath away, the days are filled but fleeting.  There is truly nothing to complain about, other than the damn satellite internet - but in a way, it is super trendy in its own right, amiright?  It may not be #onfleek but it takes my mind back to an easier time - a summer that a friend and I spent without electricity nor warm water.  Complaints were slim for those few months - unless one took the blood curdling screams, of showering in forty - five degree water as a small sign of pain ( needless to say, it didn’t happen often ).  ANYWAY, the point is, is that it’s a small / huge reminder to unplug, breathe and live slow - also, to JUST PAINT.  The distractions are endless with the constant bombardment of shit ; that for most of us, ploughs right through from the item we hold in the palm of our hand.  I realize the irony in writing this blog post, but it is more-over a way to stay slightly connected ( which I am terrible at anyway - and a totally different story ).

Moving on.  I have about thirty surfaces built, primed, and ready for color.  I am literally surrounded by white canvases as I write this.  I have a couple of days to wrap up two or three more paintings.  My parents, and family friends are coming to hang out for a long week here in Colorado.  I’ll be on a self-imposed hiatus during that time, but after their departure, I’ll have about two weeks to CRANK before I return to Ohio.  

It is going to be difficult balancing painting, and photographing the color change that is about to happen out here with the aspen trees over the next month - again, something that one doesn’t have the right to complain about.  I am so pumped to be out here to witness it once again, I haven’t seen the aspens catch fire since I was a young pup.  Keep a lookout for some straight cadmium : reds, oranges, and yellows to be hitting your computer screens soon { hopefully } !

Last, but certainly not least ; below are two works that went up for sale, yesterday.  The abstract painting is from a series I began last year ‘Green Garbage’ - trying to get as much out of every tube of paint, and as little in a waste site as possible.  Not only is the stuff ridiculously expensive, but it is bloody terrifying for the human body, and the environment.  I strive to recycle everything, and dispose of what needs to be properly, but it still is not good { at all } … so, while the paintings may not look like what I normally do, they are for a good cause + it is still pretty good art, and AFFORDABLE, so buy them #obvi ! The second is a smaller landscape painted on a panel, and probably the last non-Colorado landscape that will be done for a while.  Either can be purchased directly from me; let me know if you have any interest here, but they are also on Facebook ( link at the top of page ) and you can leave a comment there.

I’m off to finish my coffee, and hit the deck for the next many hours.  Hope all is well with you and yours.  If you have made it this far, thanks for reading the ramble!

Later doods!

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