men among ANIMALS

A blast week of visiting with : parents, friends, and some college bro-buds has come to an end, and a little smidgen or reality is setting back in.  From : 12,500 ft. above sea level with 50mph winds, (somewhat golden) aspen groves, colder mountain passes, fishing (and watching trout coyly watch one’s shit float right past their heads), eating like a champion, laughing, smiling, drinking, arguing about nothing with my mother (like I have since the tender age of thirteen), driving up roads that were last graded in 1982, glamping, watching a full sky of stars with an absent moon every night, and not working at all, I can say with confidence - it was a SOLID eight days.

I joined two old work pals and one of their lady friends on my last day of fun, for a very Ohio influenced evening (whiskey and bourbon, cheep beer, and a grippo’s flavored sausage/potato/bean dinner dish), camping just under tree-line outside of Buena Vista. Four humans awoke at 4:00 a.m. to : 26° air, hangovers, and what sounded like the not-so-friendliest of mammals galavanting just a stone’s-throw away from our noggins ; everyone was silent - it wasn’t until the morning sun had greeted us, everyone had made it out of their respective tents, and one discovery of a decapitated - deer/ish - legless - freak - ass - carcass that lay feet away from the couple’s abode, that we decided // we probably would have ended up lion? food, had it not been for the sorry ass creature that was consumed before us.  It is WILD out here - which is awesome, but so frickin’ humbling at the same time.  So much beauty, so much pure life … it is everywhere you want to look, and it will take more than my lifetime to enjoy all of it.

I want it all ; but with the cooler days moving in, and the time spent in the mountains getting shorter { for now },  also - the poignant fact that I have had my first mother-nature, near-death experience 

[ laughs ]

, I am happy to be settling down, and hunkering in for the winter, to get a serious amount of painting completed.  Don’t freak, I realize we aren’t at winter’s doorstep yet, but, we . are . approaching … boom baby.

I have made the grand decision, to move to Salida for realz.  I have about two and a half more weeks of painting out here before returning to Cincinnati for a wedding, then I will be packing up shop and heading west (with the little amount of crap I actually own), fishing with my dad for a few days, then calling Colorado home, AGAIN!  Writing that last run-on sentence felt amazing … really, and truly … awesome!

Anyway, that was just a lil’ ramble … there will be some new paintings to look out for over the next fourteen or so days ; a little secret (shh) they will be paintings of some cool yellow and orange trees, called aspens.  Also, the one below is for sale - it’s from the green garbage series.

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